Term Dates (our sessions run term time only – see dates of holidays & half terms below)

2023/2024 Autumn Term

Wed 6th Sept to Fri 20th Oct 2023
Half Term: 21st to 30th Oct 2023 (Pre-School closed)
Tue 31st October to Wed 20th Dec 2023

Closed for Christmas (21st Dec 2023 to 2nd Jan 2024)

2023/2024 Spring Term

Wed 3rd Jan to Fri 9th Feb 2024
Half Term: 10th to 18th Feb 2024 (Pre-School closed)
Mon 19th Feb to Thu 28th Mar 2024

Closed for Easter (29th Mar to 15th April 2024)

2023/2024 Summer Term

Tue 16th Apr to Fri 24th May 2024
Bank Holiday: Monday 6th May 2024 (Pre-School closed)
Half Term: 25th May to 2nd June 2024 (Pre-School closed)
Mon 3rd Jun to Fri 19th Jul 2024

Closed for Summer Holidays (20th July to 3rd September 2024)

2024/2025 Autumn Term

Wed 4th Sept to Fri 18th Oct 2024
Half Term: 19th to 28th Oct 2024 (Pre-School closed)
Tue 29th October to Thu 19th Dec 2024

Closed for Christmas (20th Dec 2024 to 5th Jan 2025)

2024/2025 Spring Term

Mon 6th Jan to Fri 14th Feb 2025
Half Term: 15th to 23rd Feb 2025 (Pre-School closed)
Mon 24th Feb to Fri 4th Apr 2025

Closed for Easter (5th Apr to 21st Apr 2025)

2024/2025 Summer Term

Tue 22nd Apr to Fri 23rd May 2025
Bank Holiday: Monday 5th May 2025 (Pre-School closed)
Half Term: 24th May to 2nd June 2025 (Pre-School closed)
Tue 3rd Jun to Tue 22nd Jul 2025

Closed for Summer Holidays (23rd July to 3rd September 2025)