absolutely an amazing pre school amazing staff, I looked around endless off pre schools I didn’t like any, as soon as walked into abbey 345 I knew it was the perfect place, my little boy has came along way in himself since being at the preschool 100% recommended to any family and friends… GW

My son went to Abbey 345 and loved every minute! The bond he had with his key worker Jane was lovely!! And still talks about her now. This shows the impact and time that was spent with him. All the staff are fantastic and thank them all for preparing my little man ready for school. He was definitely ready!…  AR

My two daughters attended Abbey 345 a few years ago. They were very pleased and happy. They could always count on help from very nice and always smiling staff. Thank you Jane and all the staff. I highly recommend ❤… JG

The setting, the staff and what Abbey 345 has to offer each and every single child is absolutely amazing. Every single child and parent are individuals and are treated that way.
Communication is fantastic, the progress and developments of your child with the huge amount of resources available is amazing to witness as a parent.
Nothing is ever too much trouble no matter how big or small.
At Abbey 345 your child will learn, develope and achieve so much you will burst with pride.
Abbey 345 is a happy, welcoming environment which my two children could never wait to get to, we would be first at the door every time.
Abbey 345 staff helped my daughter to shine and push forward with her abilities. With my son we were given so much extra help support and guidance with identifying development delays, where to go and what to do to move forward.
We owe Abbey 345 and each and every member of staff so much we can not recommend them enough… CD

My daughter attended Abbey 345 5 years ago. It’s a great pre school with a wide range of activities and the staff are wonderful. They really worked with the children and parents to prepare for primary school. The setting has a real personal touch and even now 5 years later if any staff member sees my daughter locally she is always greeted with a smile and hug. Would definitely recommend Abbey 345 preschool to anyone… NH

I couldn’t be happier with Abbey 345, my daughter went through a phase of not wanted to go playschool but working with the staff she is back to loving it and is excited to go
I would definitely recommend abbey 345 to anyone… LH

Both of my children have/ still do attended Abbey 345. I couldn’t be happier with the environment that they are helping my children grow in.
All the staff are lovely, kind, nurturing ladies. My children have made beautiful friendships with the staff, so I know they feel safe & loved. If your thinking of bringing your children here, go for it, you will not be disappointed!… CP

Micah has been coming to abbey 345 since she was 2 years old and since going she has blossomed, she’s come out of her shell loads and has made loads of friends and the staff are amazing 🙂 xx… TC

My 3 children all went to Abbey 345. I starting going to the mums and tots group when they were babies, as a new mum it was lovely to meet others and share advice, so great for the babies but also me.
They all went on to attend the preschool. The staff are all amazing, friendly, approachable and knowledgable. It was a perfect start for them, they were learning but also making friends and learning to socialise away from me. This all contributed massively towards them settling in to start their school journey. I highly recommend 💕… AP