Our Facilities

Our superb carpeted classroom provides a wide range of small world and role play activities. It hosts our library and ICT focus areas. It is also where we enjoy our circle times with exciting stories, music & movement and chances to experiment with different musical instruments.

Our lovely linoed classroom allows us an ever changing selection of tactile activities – including sand, water, playdough, gloop, jelly and angel delight, to name a few. Visitors can view our gallery and photographs – demonstrating all the different techniques we use when we are being creative. This is the room we eat our snacks and lunch in (unless we are picnicking outside) and also where we prepare, measure and cook healthy snacks and take home treats!

Our cosy kitchen garden enables us to learn about planting, growing and harvesting. We pick our fruit to add to snack times. We also sell our produce to buy seeds for the next year. Aren’t we enterprising?

Our stunning sensory garden gives us the opportunity to explore the wider world throughout the seasons. We are able to observe mini beasts and larger creatures in a natural environment and learn about lifecycles. We have a variety of materials which promote problem solving and managed risk as we build dens, discover hiding places and ‘very carefully’ use our fire pit for camp fire cooking.

Our fantastic canopied all weather play area means we get outside every day, whatever the weather. We have a shopping area, playhouse , outside reading den, castle and amazing builders yard – complete with giant sandpit, builders hut and all the tools and equipment a busy builder needs (including a kettle and mugs for those essential ‘teabreaks’!)

A fabulous roadway system making our enclosed pathway truly multi-functional. Additional enhancements are expected to take place over the next few months to ensure this area can be used for a wide range of learning activities including role-play, social communication, literacy and mathematics.

Forest School gives children the ability to challenge themselves, learn how to manage risk and develop their ability to problem solve.  Forest School can play a huge part in developing children’s teamwork skills and supporting that sense of community which is so important for our emotional wellbeing.  Our Forest School runs on Wednesday mornings in local woodland.

Our children learn how to make and respect fire, use tools and appreciate our beautiful natural world.  By learning how to care for our native birds, mammals and insects we can promote an ethos that will last.