Our Activities

Our Activities 2We recognise that all children are unique and develop at their own pace, needing different stimuli and methods of approach. We plan accordingly and are always looking for exciting and innovative ways to enhance children’s learning and development.

Literacy is promoted by free access to books / story telling / puppets etc and books are sent home to share with parents / carers. Mark-making is available across the environment, both inside and out with a wide range of media. We promote correct use of phonics and mark-making opportunities through parental workshops (which can involve the foundation stage teachers from South View Primary School) and relevant literature.

Numeracy is an integral part of our daily routines with many opportunities to count, measure and use mathematical and positional terms. Ample opportunities are provided for construction, junk modelling and manipulating large pieces of equipment (such as tyres, logs and pipes).

Our Activities - FudgeThrough provision of small world and a wide range of role play resources as well as our builders yard, we provide numerous opportunities to explore and re-create the wider world. They develop ICT skills by free access to the computer, tablets and other ICT tools, and gain awareness of ICT in the wider world through role play.

Children are also offered opportunities to cook, both inside and out. Other recent activities have included planting bee-friendly flowers, helping tend the woodland and vegetable gardens and creating a bug hotel for our mini beasts.